Beachfront Beta

Privacy Policy

BeachfrontDigital uses SSL/TLS (check the Qualys SSL report).

Individual user data is never shared with third parties under any circumstances.

I will never show ads. You pay for a service, you get the service (free during beta though!). What do you think this is, Windows 10?

For analytics, I use Gauges.

I hate passwords. The average person simply can't be trusted to protect themselves with strong passwords or use a password manager like 1Password, so I didn't bother to implement support for such. Built in 2FA all the way!

If there is a privacy breach, it will be disclosed as soon as possible on and on Twitter @BeachfrontD.

I've worked hard to secure BeachfrontDigital but things may have slipped through the cracks. If you spot a privacy leak, please report it discreetly to